Professional Profile

Silvana Giannini is a radiology consultant, specializing in diagnostic images of musculoskeletal diseases and trauma, particularly those connected with sport injuries.

silvana giannini

Currently, she is the director of the Diagnostic Imaging dept. of  the “Villa Stuart” Clinic, Rome, which has been a FIFA centre of excellence since 2000. Silvana is also a professor of Diagnostic Imaging in Sports Medicine at the University of Rome’s “Foro Italico” Studies since 2003 and a professor of Soft and Fat Tissue Diagnostic Imaging at the Foundation of Aesthetic Medicine School, Fatebenefratelli since 1991. She has participated in several national and international publications, and has published diagnostic chapters for three books in English and one in Italian regarding Musculoskeletal and Soft and Fat tissue diseases.


Since 2007, Silvana has participated as a speaker at various international sports medicine congresses and at the European Congress of Musculoskeletal Radiology. In 1985 she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Radiology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with 70/70 cum laude. In November of 1981, she obtained her license to practice  from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a score of 93/110. Earlier that same year, she graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, receiving a score of  110/110 cum laude.

Qualifications & Certifications

silvana giannini

2015: Professor of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and Ultrasound-guided Infiltration.

2015, April 17-18 Toronto, Canada: Certification in Ultrasounds for Pain Medicine Workshop.

2013: Professor of Ultrasound-guided Infiltration courses.

2010, September 24-25, Milan, Italy: Musculoskeletal Resnick Course VII Congress: Tendons, ligaments, Articular Cartilage, Muscle and Bone

2008-2009: Certificate of Competence from the Campania Regional Academic School of Italy, SIUMB, in Interventional and Intraoperative procedures by Ultrasound technique

2009, XXI National Congress SIUMB: Interventional Ultrasounds, ultrasound guided procedures in Internal Medicine and General Surgery

2009 February 3th to May 5th: ultrasound of the abdomen and of the Digestive Tract in Elections and Emergency: comparisons with CT and MRI;

2009, November 20-21, Rome: Diagnostic Imaging of the Small Bowel and Mesentery.

2008, May 16 -18, Fiuggi, Italy: Lazio Regional Academic School, SIUMB; Workshop – Endocrinology and Senology Study Sections;

1999, April 24, Rome: Training Course in Radiation Protection DM 1997, DM 21.02.- 15.07.1998 Regional Hospital S. Camillo Forlanini, Rome

1996, May 6-8: Advanced Course in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound from the SIRM

1995 June – University of Pisa, Italy: Magnetic Resonance Certificate, Residential Course of Body MRI

1993 October, Orta San Giulio, Novara, Italy – Certificate of Mammography and Breast Imaging Diagnostics, , issued by the Italian School of Senology – SIRM

1989: Musculoskeletal, Tendon and Osteoarticular Ultrasound Certificate issued by SIUMB

1989; September 11-12: Certificate of International Course of Abdominal Doppler Ultrasound

1987: Certificate of Neonatal Hip Ultrasound issued by SIRM;

1987: Certificate of Ultrasound Internistics issued by SIRM

1984 March 26-29 Certificate of Fetal Ultrasound

Professional Work Experience

2016 – 200: Chief of Diagnostics Imaging Department at “Villa Stuart” Sports Clinic & FIFA Centre of Excellence;

2007-2008: Chief of Radiology Department at Don Gnocchi Fondation, Rome

1997-1993: Acting consultant, establishing the Osteoarticular and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Service at the Local Health Authority (section E) Rome and work in Diagnostic Imaging and Musculoskeletal System;

1997-1996: Assistant Radiologist, Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital, Palidoro, Rome establishing the Outpatients Ultrasound Services;

1997-1988: consultant radiologist assigned to the Local Health Authority of Lazio for Radiology and Ultrasound with responsibility for Internal and Musculoskeletal Ultrasounds  

1988-1987: assistant radiologist at Local Health Authority n°. 10 & 15, Rome;

1987-1986: in attendance at Bambino Gesù Hospital, Palidoro, Rome – Radiology Department

1986-1982: General Practitioner Local Health Board (USL) Viterbo n°3, Italy ;

1985-1984: LIMMAT Scholarship at the INI of Grottaferrata, Rome

Lecturing and Consultations

silvana giannini

Since 2010, Silvana has provided a consulting service in telemedicine in various national and international teams in different fields of sport.

Silvana is a member of lectured for and collaborated with the following societies:

since 2007

  • The European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology;
  • The Scientific Board of the Journal of Sports Medicine;

since 2003

  • Professor of Diagnostic Imaging in Sports Medicine at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”;

since 2001

  • The Technical Scientific Committee, SNES (national school of sports educators) of the Italian Sports Centre for Diagnostic Imaging in Sports Medicine;

since 2000:

  • The European Society of Radiology;
  • Consultant radiologist for numerous Italian and foreign teams (in different sports) and National Federations;

Since 1992

  • Consultant for Diagnostic Imaging for the Gnathology society

Since 1991

  • Professor of Diagnostic Imaging in Diagnostic Imaging of Soft and Fat Tissue diseases at Aesthetic Medicine School of the “Fatebenefratelli” Foundation;

Since 1985:

  • SIRM- the Italian Society of Medical Radiology.


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Silvana has spoken at various national and international congresses of Radiology, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology many times during her long career, the most recent being in October, 2015, at the Sports Medicine Course in Minsk, Belarus and in June 2016 at the ESSR 2016 meeting in Zurich.

Via Trionfale 5952 00136 Rome, Italy


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